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Introducing the Express Merlai Suit Line - the ultimate solution to your tailored suit needs for your groomsmen! Pre-order now with a $16 deposit per suit, and secure your special price of $716 (instead of $895)


Our suits are made in the Merlai fit from years of Italian tailoring experience.


1) Select the fabric

2) Try on the suit

3) Get the exact size you need


You can choose the fabric that fits your style and the size that best fits your body, avoiding any headaches from shopping at the stores. With our Express Merlai Suit Line you can say goodbye to the stress of finding the right size for all your groomsmen and welcome a perfect wedding party with the perfect colour and fit at the right price.


Let go of your DIY shopping experience and let our Merlai Master Tailor guide you every step of the way.

Express Merlai Suit - $16 deposit to secure the price of $716 (instead of $895)

  • - Secure the price for only $16 deposit per suit

    - Pre-order price $716 (instead of $895)

    - two-piece suit: jacket and trouser

    - select the fabric color

    - select the size you need

    - 100% wool

    - Merlai Master Tailor support


Have something specific in mind? Merlai can make it your way. Create your own and stand out from the crowd.

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